Big launch for 2021: LTS Complete Graphene

The new rod series Complete Graphene has been created after meticulous testing, and then testing some more. This has happened mostly during practical fishing and over a period of three years.

The goal has been to develop a rod series with as little weight as possible, but which at the same time is powerful.The idea of being able to cast very far with little force has been absolutely central and a red thread, throughout the work of developing the new series, Complete Graphene.

Complete Graphene is a bit like our Nitro-series, but the action in this series is a little deeper and have a tighter top. Using the brand new material graphene, it has become possible to develop rods with a tight and strong top, without having to add extra mass and weight to the top part.


A deep and flat action, short stroke, tight top part and ultra-light weight are the key words that can describe the characteristics of Complete Graphene.

These characteristics have been made possible using 46 ton carbon + IM8 carbon with Graphene-resin. The surface of the rods is made with a super-thin lacquer layer, stripper guide, REC Cerecoil double foot and snake guides, REC Ultra Light and together with a custom and very light reel attachment, this helps to make Complete Graphene a very special rod series, with very special features.



The feeling that you are hardly holding «anything», that you can cast lightly and far, even with small and short movements, but at the same time have a rod that never gives up, and where you can really put in all the power you want for the really long casts in all conditions –  these are experiences the new rod series will give you.


The rods are developed and tested using many different lines. An important factor has been that each rod should fit exactly the specified line class on the rod and that, especially, by the use of Syrstad complete SCS and SCSS line series, it should feel as  «Wow,  – this fits perfectly together!»

This is also why the name of the new series is Complete, a rod series that is attempted made as complete as possible, but also should fit as «hand in glove» to the Syrstad complete-lines.

I feel like we’ve made it and hope that you’ll experience the same thing.

Good luck to everyone!

Best regards,

Trond Syrstad


The LTS Complete Graphene series consists of:

Complete Graphene 10#8/9 4pcs

This is the ultimate one-handed rod for fishing for salmon.

The rod feels ultra light, but has great power resources that make fishing efficient and easy, even with both large flies and sinklines.

The rod is well suited for both spey and over head-casting and the recommended shooting head weight is 19-23 gr, depending on the length of the shooting head.

Recommended line suggestions: LTS Ultimate and SCSS-Sh #8/9 in combination with tapered tip, 8 or 10 foot SCSS or SCSS

Complete Graphene 13#8/9 4pcs and 6pcs

When the size of the river is not very large and/or for the summer fishing, this is a very good choice.

The rod is very light and with its deep action, but resilient and with short strokes, it makes speycasting a dream. In that the rod has a tight and strong top, the rod also has very good lifting properties, when it comes to using large flies and sinklines.

The 13-footer#8/9 comes both as 4 and 6-piece and can therefore be a nice option for those who often take the rod on flights. The rod likes the best shooting head weight from 33-36 gr depending on the length of the shooting head.

Recommended line suggestions: LTS SCSS fhi and hi2# 8/9 + 8 foot tapered SCSS tip.

Complete Graphene 14#9/10 4pcs

If you fish in a normal and/or large river and at the same time want to choose a size that fits and masters all conditions, then 14#9/10 is the right choice.

It is a super-light summer rod suitable for the use of float lines and smaller flies, while also fitting very well to the heaviest fishing with sinklines and large flies.

The 14 footer casts all shooting heads from 38-43 grams, depending on the length of the shooting head.

Recommended line suggestions: LTS SCSS hi2 and s123 #9/10+ SCS 10 foot tip

Complete Graphene 15#10/11 4pcs and 6pcs

This is the natural choice for early spring fishing with sinklines and large flies, but also for those who want to make fishing in large rivers as easy as possible, with long casts throughout the season.

The resilient top and short stroke length make it very easy to set tight line bays, while adding great power to the bottom part. This helps to make the rod cast far in all conditions.

15#10/11 comes both as 4 and 6-piece and likes a shooting head weight from 44-48 gr, depending on the length of the shooting head.

Recommended line suggestions: LTS SCS intermediate and intermediate/s2 #10/11 or SCSS S123 #10/11 + SCS 10 foot tips.

Complete Graphene 16#10/11/12

If you wade deep and/ or need to cast as far as absolutely possible, while you may also want to make your line fish as efficient and easy as possible, yes then 16#10/11/12 may be the one that suits you and your fishing.

The 16-footer is made as light weight as possible and when you cast with it, it feels almost like a normal other 14 and 15 feet! The rod is extremely light, but at the same time has the ability to develop power and casting lengths you previously did not think was possible.

The 16-footer holds a large span in casting weight, but likes the best shooting head weight from 46-50 gr.

Recommended line suggestions: LTS SCS intermediate/s2 and SCSS s 123 and s 246 + 10 foot SCS tipper (both #10/11 and #11/12 fit nicely on this rod, depending on the feeling you want to achieve)

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