LTS Singlehanded lines

Our singlehanded lines have been carefully designed to meet our range of rods for all applications and conditions. Presenting the fly in the right place and at the right depth is a top priority, so our different lines are an option for every situation.

LTS Complete Zalt

The successor of the ZALT the “Complete Zalt” is finally available!

The “Complete Zalt” is designed for saltwater fishing, especially for inshore fishing. Where both presentation and long casts are required, this line series was already unique in the previous version. With a new softer coating and a slightly different taper for even more stable casts even in unfavourable wind conditions, the line is perfect for the coast.

The line is characterised by high line speed and long casts, at the same time the line appears very balanced and filigree. The line is available as float and intermediate.

Class 5 14gr 10m (Belly)
Class 6 16gr 10m (Belly)
Class 7 18gr 10m (Belly)
Class 8 20gr 10m (Belly)


LTS Complete Trout

The new “Complete Trout” is designed for fine trout fishing. The line masters both overhead and spey casts with flying colours.

Similar to our Ephemera line, it has a fine taper towards the tip for a delicate presentation, with a little more weight in the back and a longer taper integrated here too. This allows longer lengths of line to be handled in the air.

The following line classes are available:

Class 3 9,5gr 9,3m (Belly)
Class 4 11,5gr 9,5m (Belly)
Class 5 13,5gr 10m (Belly)
Class 6 15,5gr 10m (Belly)
Class 7 17,5gr 10m (Belly)


LTS Ephemera

Ephemera WF 3, 4, 5 and 6 high-end WF line with extreme properties. The front taper is about 9.5 m to about 2 meters back-taper (about 12 meters in total). The weight was placed more on the rear part. This gives this leash a high line speed in the overhead cast, as well as the ability to cast against the wind. Despite the line speeds, the fly can be placed extremely precisely.


LTS Polyline

The LTS Polyline was developed with one thing in mind:

Make a line that’s easy for everyone to use on single handed rods, but with the added twist of being able to use poly leaders with no compromise in casting style (over or under hand casts) and presentation.

When developing this line, we considered fishing in all conditions such as rivers, lakes, and sea trout fishing in estuaries. This line was tested in cold and warm waters to assess its ability to cast well in these conditions. We tested Nymph, Streamer, heavy flies or small tubes. But we didn’t stop there, we also ensured it was great for fine presentation of smaller flies in tight situations.

The line has a slick finish for easy smooth casting and its design prevents it from coiling like so many other lines. The taper has a heavier belly at the forward end and a longer taper at the rear, making it easier to cast into winds with the added bonus of easy mending for presentation in differing currents and flows. This also permits underhand casting and roll casting when situations demand it and this in turn allows the leaders to turn over efficiently.

We recognised that there was no single handed line designed especially for the use of poly coated leaders. So, we at LTS took the time and effort into making this line so that anglers could effectively use their poly leaders with ease in all fishing conditions.





Length (Belly)


LTS Polyline WF-F




8,5 gr.

LTS Polyline WF-F




9,5 gr.

LTS Polyline WF-F




13 gr.

LTS Polyline WF-F




17,5 gr.

LTS Polyline WF-F




19 gr.

LTS Polyline WF-F




21 gr.


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