LTS Flyfishing and the story behind…

We love great design and top notch devices. In years of fine work, we at LTS have developed a product range that everyone can handle. For us, great products are the focus.
In a world of ever new product lines, big marketing campaigns and strong arguments from the biggest brands, where is there room for us? Well … we are a small niche brand, but proud to work with the best fly fishing and fly fishing equipment manufacturers.
LTS is a brand with a strong and proven history in fly fishing.
Their team and product developers are made up of World Spey casting champions. Our Trond Syrstad continues to this day to design some of the best rods and lines in fly fishing for LTS. LTS is a small team and proud of its roots in the Scandinavian style. LTS is proud of this development of recent years, which is reflected in the very great interest in the brand. We have teams around the world who represent the interest in the brand and product of LTS. Just last year, a “run” on our products literally broke out.

LTS Rods

LTS single and doublehanded rods are designed according to the latest technologies and materials.
From light stream fishing to coastal, pike and salmon fishing, the full spectrum is covered.


LTS Reels

Designed for the fly fisherman everyday, the Orkla reel and LTS Complete Classic – Modern and lightweight, as well as equipped with fine braking systems.

Fly Fishing

LTS Lines

LTS Fly lines are specifically designed to transfer the load and energy of the rod with minimal effort. Our fly lines are available with a full range of belly variants for singlehanded and doublehanded fly fishing, as well as for any application. Our lines are designed to work harmoniously and efficiently with both the fly rod and the fly fisherman.


LTS Tackle

All around what you need for a unique day on your lovely water.


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