César García

César García is a well known fly fisher amongst the Spanish fishing community and a pioneer in Spey casting tuition in Spain.

He has more than thirty years of experience in studying and teaching all fly and Spey casting disciplines, styles and their evolution with single and double handed rods. 
Fly casting is more than a fishing tool for César; it’s a sport in itself, and has brought him to develop his own casting styles and to adapt lines and rod profiles. 
César is currently a team member, consultant and dealer of LTS-Fly Fishing in Spain. He also collaborates with Lax-á Angling Club giving tuition and advice to its Spanish customers.
Cesar runs the first fly casting and fly fishing school “Spey made in Spain” as qualified fly casting and fishing instructor. 
His web site www.speymadeinspain.com is a common reference for the Spanish community; a technical referral to learn about modern tackle and techniques for salmon fly fishing and fly casting.
César is a truly passionate salmon fly fisher, but also a seasoned fly angler for pike, trout and ciprinids, and holds multiple trophies in European waters.

Contact César García:
e-mail: speymadeinspain@gmail.com
Phone: +34 669 762879